It's the Start of Something New

Hello Loves!

Welcome to the new and improved re-branding of my cosmetics line, Sophy Cosmetics. If you have been a supporter from the start then you might be a little confused. I re-branded my whole company and BeautyBlissCreations no longer exist. You are most likely wondering why. The reason I booted out my original idea for this new one is honestly because... I didn't like it. Something about it was making me feel unmotivated, the vibes just weren't good.

My company should be like my baby, my everything, and sadly with my old look it wasn't. I was very inconsistent with my posting and advertising. I knew that something wasn't right, and that it needed to be changed if I was really going to pursue a business like this. After sometime of soul searching and a lot of stress eating, I finally realized why I wasn't happy. So I got on my handy dandy laptop and decided to make a change. That is how Sophy Cosmetics was created!

I want Sophy Cosmetics to represent me and what I love, which is makeup (especially highlighters)! I wanted this website to look chic and luxurious. This is a place where a makeup lover can not only shop, but learn, explore, and treat themselves. I hope I have finally got my message across through this new look. Most importantly I hope my supporters and loyal customers will love it just as much as I do. 

From here on out, there is only room for improvement and I want to take you along my journey! 

Talk to you soon.



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